Kindle readers...

The newer Kindle devices have the ability to read PDF files!  This helps keep the formatting and design of the Find the Joy in the Journey ebook consistent.
Need some help transferring the PDF to your Kindle?  Follow the steps below.

*Be sure to "Right Click and Save As" on a PC (or click to download on a Mac) to make sure your copy of the book downloads to your computer before following any of the steps below.*
1. Connect the Kindle to your PC with the USB cable, and wait until the screen changes to the USB   display.  You should now see a Kindle drive show up in your "My Computer" folder.
2. Double click on the the Kindle drive, and you should see a “documents” folder.
3. Drag your PDF file or copy and paste your PDF file into this "documents" folder.
4. Eject the Kindle device using the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon.
5. You can unhook your USB cable at this point, and the PDF should show up on your Kindle!