about the book...

Having been in ministry for 10 years now, Erin and her husband have told many people to "trust in God" when going through a trial, tragedy or tribulation. They meant it every time, but boy do those three little words take on a whole new meaning when you have nothing to hang onto but God Himself.

It wasn't until their own time of crisis that they truly encountered a God who never lets go. Inspired by the 12 women whose stories you find in this book, they set out to find joy in the journey, despite their circumstances, embarking on what turned out to be the greatest journey of their life.


A peek at the Table of Contents:

chapter 1:  Kendall
chapter 2:  Jen 
chapter 3:  Dianne
chapter 4:  Ginny
chapter 5:  Melanie
chapter 6:  Cyndi
chapter 7:  Tiffanie
chapter 8:  Sara
chapter 9:  Carrie
chapter 10:  Katie
chapter 11:  Amanda
chapter 12:  Stevie